BICP Gundogs (chiens d’arrêt) in Gouy St André 2014

So far…any dog can swim, many ( most?) dogs can retrieve out of water, what makes a Barbet different? Right now nothing. The Barbet is a chien de chasse so says the breed club. What proof do they have? Good question.



Where is the Barbet? Who really cares?

Who even knows what a Barbet is and does, in France, its home country?

NOT many. Here is Froguette…Does anyone honestly think that her curls ( or lack of) make a difference? NO.

So, now what? Madame la Présidente?

gouy10Can the Barbet point? The Barbet can retrieve, perhaps. Who can even prove it?

What is expected of the Barbet since it is “ONLY a WATERDOG”…hum.Not sure…

So cute so nice will save a breed?

Does coat color or curls really matter???