Because one is not enough..You get 2 for the price!


How many can you count?…There’s just one missing…because there are 11! Aurinko is the proud mom and she is sand colored along with the dad Misieu….

Look how happy, plump and huggable they are!

Those who have been working on bringing back, not only the old type Barbet or Vieux Barbet but along with that the old colors that had been eliminated from the Barbet are certainly jumping for joy when you watch these videos.

The pups are ab-so-lu-te-ly  a-do-ra-ble…again a source of pride for us fighting tooth and nail for the old breed’s survival.Those of you who may or may not know that at some point only existed black Barbets, a very few brown and that was about it. Now we can show a palette of beauties!

Behind all that is the old line: Verveine, Caravaggio, Coccolina…and the right combination makes for these littmle beauties!