Barbet Colleen in Sweden and her descendants


Wilma (Nordic Breeze Artemis-G), Gaia (Nordic Breeze Gaia-G), Colleen de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, Chomper (Nordic Breeze Chomper riverboy) and Chloris (Nordic Breeze Chloris-G). Rufus (Nordic Breeze Poseidon-G) is absent from the photo.They are not properly listed with their kennel name so he is a link:

What is interesting is the parallel drawn between a litter in Switzeland and this one, and how a club’s incompetence is able to destroy a breed as it does itds best to follow our Ukase’s* suggestions. When a pattern is repeated, it becomes suspicious.

When you look at the photo of them as adults, you can well see the diversity in the breed with 2 different varieties in the line.Depending on how there were to be married, this is where the line can go to Poodles or stay with the Griffon type.

* Names have been changed so as not to create national tensions.