Barbet Booly Wooly…and Hercule!

Barbet_Guyguy2015_profile_smWhilst everyone is talking about Coccolina this and Coccolina that, well, I can hold my own, too!

I am dad to 30 ( not 24 as posted in a database) and Grand-pa to 79. 2 litters donated to Guide School in Paris makes that they did not reproduce.

Also, if I may point out, at least I do not have Coccolina/Verveine in MY pedigree…eh, but I do have Hercule di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco! My mom does not want me to be used with Poodletypes , because it has been proven that a Poodle type with a Poodle type makes for more Poodles. Best to not run the risk!