Back to roots in 2014: the first sand/sand litter!

It could appear as a miracle, but when you know the real pedigrees and the real colors of the dogs in our lines, it does make it much easier to know how to get where we want to be.


Of course, the SWD and the PWD in our breed may have had something to do with it…along with Jerry Sable…but. I was sorting out colors into lines a couple years ago and I say why can’t Udine carry sand along with Ulysse her brother and we can rejoice that behind them are Barbets who also since Joyeuse and Thais and Jaffa, did too.


That’s why I say and repeat again that when the colors are there and the pedigrees are correctly listed, it makes it easy to understand some basic elements that we don’t need DNA for. Bravo Carmela for your determination against all odds!