Another great day for the Barbet

Barbet_Gatsby_guide2013b Barbet_guide2013 Barbet_guide2013c

Gatsby de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre successfully completed his 2 year training program at the Guide School for the Blind in Lyon, yesterday. He will now be fulltime 24/7 with his new mistress and helping her lead a “as normal as possible” life.

Gatsby is the son of Coccolina and Chouffe, from the Netherlands. He is Coccolina’s 3 son to have become a guide dog now. 2 work in Lyon and one in Annecy, France.

They must demonstrate a steady character, intelligence and willingness to work. This trait has been transmitted now to progeny around the world of Coccolina and I am very proud of all of their achievements.

Coccolina is a gem of a Barbet and her well over 200 grand-children and great grandchildren, all healthy and very representative of the breed and the type of Barbet I promote along with others who believe in saving the old strain of our rare breed.