Allergy-free? Another myth.

Yesterday I had a visit from a family living not too far away, looking for a dog. They came up and saw what my Barbets looked like, because visuals are important, but not only that.

One of the sons has allergies.. So, we put him inside the house with one, then 2 then 3 then all the dogs, meaning 6. I will spare you all the details, but. Throat got tight, nose plugged up on one side then the other…he then went outside to take his medicine.

He could be allergic to this dog or that one and how do you determine?

Of course, he was with 6 dogs in a small area, but, we decided to go one step further just to see. I gave them a bag of hair from a dog I had just clipped, a bag of 2 other dogs’ hair that I cut off the body. They went home with all the hair and we said we would see what happens.

As we discussed the issue, a puppy has a much smaller surface of hair, so a small puppy could be ok in the beginning and then grow and then…?

I think it is very important that everyone stick together at least on this part because it is REALLY important to not let people believe something that is not true.

Read the article above and inform your potential customers…