A very sad Barbet story: Dalia is going to die.

We are all a bit used to kiss kiss so cute so nice very superficial dog stories about how cute they are. Well, this time it is about a cute dog who is going to die. Put yourself in the owner’s shoes.She had plans as many of us for a bright future until the bubble exploded. Poor little girl has heart problems. The story has been removed because it is not proper to talk about a dog who has any kind of problem and I salute the owner to have shared it. The stiry has been removed but as in other cases, it was available to the general public, meaning everyone, long enough to copy it.

I am hearing about many horror stories and I hate to be the only bearer of bad news, but the Barbet is losing its genetic diversity, there are less and less males to use because of XXX and XXX and not enough knowlegde about what the Barbet is and not to mention XXX. So, there you have it about the truth.

In the meantime, Dalia is going to die. I read it well mit the Google translator, so do it too.

The breed is dying and I “repeat again” France has nothing to do with it as the breed is not managed by France and has not been for many years.

Who will wake up first? The blond or the brunette?Or could hit be the dyed redhead.

So…..voilà.Dalia could be anyone’s dog and regardless of what the problem is, the rest of the breed suffers.