A lovely visit today

I always try my best to select new owners of a pup and it’s important we all be on the same wavelength. They need to see my dogs, see how they are and behave and how they feel and then be convinced they want one. That is how I did business 25 years ago when I told my customers in the handbag business to go see the competition and then decide who they wanted to work with. Trust is the best way to work ( the only way!)

It’s a rare breed and there are extreme differences in the lines : characters and not just. I need people to see them all together, touch them and decide. Mine are all extremely affectionate and love cuddles. Guyguy is famous on Youtube! People come and they already know my dogs. I looooooooooooooove it.

P1010856 P1010859 P1010862 P1010867

We all had a great time!