A litter coming up in Finland: old French blood


As I said in a post below, we are trying really hard to do what we can to get as much old healthy Barbet blood into the breed before it’s too late. It takes real planning and time to wait for the right combination that will help further the breed a bit.There are now only 2 males left in the world who can produce non poodletyped dogs and they are getting old…Ursus shown here is a long story. Anne’s story is a long one and so is Enigma’s!
We did not really laugh the day that my Compay mated Enigma’s mom and all of us present here in Bresse will remember it for a real long time. That makes for good souvenirs with dear friends.

I am looking for someone in France willing to take one of these pups…male or female.
We need his/her blood here for the future of the breed in France.
Anne is more than willing to fly the pup down here( it’s not that expensive). I am more than willing to help.I just can’t do everything, but I will help.
If you are interested, please let me know.Time is ticking. We need your help, please.