A funny thing happened the other day



The lovely photo of Daytona was published on a famous social network and the usual was oooooing and ahhhhhhing, including me. As usual, I immediately saw the ressemblance of this lovely girl to Ulysse di Barbbochos Reiau de Prouvenco.Photo was taken at about the same age.

Coincidentally, I had been speaking to another person about how many of our litters were starting to be quite homogenous and referring to not less than Hans Räber, the German author whose book I have devoured,where he says that at some point when you got to where you wanted to be, like now, you should start line breeding to set characteristics.

I stopped accepting to continually make F1 crosses a few years ago, when I used Tiboubou who did give me some nice pups, but having to move on I decided to therefore not accept for my dogs to contribute only on the basis of 0% inbreeding at 4 generations.
That only shows that you are mixing an Hermans prpduct into what you have.

I will repeat again, and again and again that IF someone says the is only one Barbet, we need to be real clear about what we are saying. Yes there is one breed called Barbet.

In the Barbet, as in MOST breeds, there is an “old” type and a newer one. Our newer one was created from real scratch in the 80’s and never using until recently and “old” types which is why we are still battling to this day for Ulysse to get recognition…

…and that is how this little anectdote started because our famous Fonzy5starHerself put a “like” on Daytona’s photo and I was right there…right then and so was another person so we saw the same “like” and reacted. Me, by asking Herself:

“So, If you like Daytona and Daytona looks “like” Ulysse, then why don’t you “like” Ulysse…? Eh? 5 minutes later Herself had removed comment…

This is where the meaning of working together and using all lines really takes on its full meaning….which is real c–p, only to continue pretending.