A Barbet is a dog, not more, not less.


I am often asked how the Barbet gets along with children. Well, that is never easy to answer for a breed or even for YOUR line. I know my dogs and from what owners tell me ( when they accept to share).

My line’s breeding meaning with also reference to who came before me, gave me excellent, maniable, friendly with everyone, dogs. AND working dogs!

However, you cannot say, when some kid is harrassing a pup or a dog and the dog turns around and snaps at him. There should always be an adult around when a young child is with a dog.

Several Barbets, over the years, have been put down for aggressivity. You never hear about it because it’s hidden like most everything.

Some bark all the time( I have witnessed it), some snap at you ( it’s happened to me more than once) if you put your hand out, and some do not want to cuddle Teddy Bear style. The dogs need to be avoided and are often still used for breeding. They should be bred out and are not at all.

So. What do you do? Your homework.