Cara Coccolina


Clyde Jr, aka Koi…love this picture…


Dec 7 2015

Ermengarda  aka Coccolina, born in Italy, turns 10  11 this month.

A hips/ eyes clear.

SCC cotation 5/6. The only Barbet ever to have reached that level in the selection grid.

50 cms. 16.5/17k Looks very much like her  grand-mother Locke, who was 54 cms.Barbet_Verveine

F1Coccolina produced some looking like the father and some like herself. F2, it became more homogenous, as it does.


Coccolina, left and Estar des Marécages du Prince right.

Today, there are more Barbets her size in the world, which is a bit closer to what the Vieux Barbets of the 30’s were.

She is the only one to have reproduced from her litter of 6. Imagine, had she not!

Then, when you imagine she was refused confirmation in 2006…and in 2007 she started a real empire for the “Old line”! I already then, had to fight for her and the line, but judges finally came round.

She had her first litter in 2007, so at 2.5 years of age . She is Mom to 39 ( could have been more, but in litter one I had already started selection)

Update 17/01/15 ( a lot happened in 2015…)

Grandma to 203, so far…Grisu_HannoverLeandra


Great grandma to 193, so far…

Great great Grandma to 63, so far….

To a grand total of 505 with 2 potential litters coming up. This info was a year ago, so we might tally in at about 700?

…and many on their way here there and everywhere. Above, Léandra  (from  Beaudine von der Leibrücke) right, Garfield ( from Babaloo von der Leibrücke)

Her first litter’s progeny contributed to the return of colors in the Barbet, such as white/black:Babaloo, Flintstone and Cousteau von der Leibrucke

At the von der Leibrücke kennel, in 2009 with Babaloo, then again in 2010 with Cousteau and again in 2011  with Flintstone. Fabulous achievement, imagine when we saw those colors coming out  after so many years.2015

Stacy_BarbetsLaffy_Barbetin the USA and Canada, the first pied Barbets ever!



After 40 years , sand came into the big picture again with Aurinko and several others since at Nelum Himalis kennel in Finland, as an example.Barbet_sand



Several of her offsprings  (or their offsprings) are champions in their countries, from Sweden, Finland to Poland, in France, The Netherlands…and in Canada.

Although she was 5 months old when I got her, back in those days, I really was not at all thinking about swimming or ducks or what-have-you so she did not benefit from what I now do. Live and learn! She has several offsprings who have successfully passed the TAN water test,  the BCE ( 2nd and 1st category) and even the truffle TAN ( not recognized for the Barbet..but could be according to what was said a few years ago by a club pdt).

She has also passed on her sweet, calm, loving/cuddling affable character and her even temperament made it possible for her to raise several guide dogs for the blind in France.V__BE58In 2015, 2 more went to the Guide School to start their training.  ->CBarbet


She has a very definite type which appears to come from way back in at least the 80’s and probably before. The “Vieux Barbet” or “Old Barbet” type so sought after nowadays.

She even has a son, Compay II, who was a movie star!




A nice easy to groom open curl which does not mat easily and you can  run your fingers through it with pleasure!Barbet_CC_coat_resize




… I was thinking about all this little girl had accomplished and then thinking that I was a very lucky person to have her by my side…Cara  Coccolina!