You’re a man now…French Lover Dog


Froggy mated with Barbebdoux TumTum last weekend, and very successfully if we may add. Because he is now a real “stud”, he was offered his first own leash as the tradition goes.If all goes well, he will be father in April. So proud, because he is my 3 rd male living under my roof to have successfully performed his duties.

Froggy will be 4 this year. He is healthy, has an extremely well balanced character. He is calm, attentive and has a very easy to groom coat.

He has his TAN, BCE 1st category, BICP 3rd category. His has a cotation 4/6 on the SCC selection grid.

He is 59.5/60 cms weighs up to 26+ kilos. Has his DNA,  eyes clear and hips A/B.