Years ago, people were happy to share information…


Years ago, like in the 30s when there was perhaps a bit more solidarity between people, people were happy to share information to help forward a cause. Nowadays, you can basically get insulted for sharing anything that might be of interest…A case of some thinking that you may know more than them, I guess. No one is interested. The only thingh that counts is their dog and what beauties their female produced. Who cares where they came from.Of no consequence!



It’s probably intresting to some to find out out a color can change. Change into something nice or even really ugly. That is the reason, or one of the reasons I collect pieces of dog coats. In a selection process, it is important.







This was a subject to be dealt with at our world famous “symposium”…never happened due to the Fonzy5****ù* manipulation of her “friends”.

This is called roaning. It is not a standard color since 1987. It is a Barbet color that was taken out of the standard so only Poodle colors would prevail. There are a lot of out of standard colors running around and several winning dogs arhour non- standard colors…

Coccolina carries it. Meaning her ancestors carry it…she is not solely responsible for the color! It goes back to the 80’s meaning it is not a Jean Claude Hermans re-incarnated Barbet color…So, thinking I was giving information to this person on our global social network, I got zapped…That is how people communicate. OMG, your dog could be more important than mine. Oh my.

Lots of foreign dogs have out of standard colors, but since judges don’t look at the dogs but who makes them, it is not a problem.

That leads me to my first piece of intéressant information coming from swissland:

Lennon is roaning. Well, guees what is in the pedigree? You guessed.

AND another Serena is roaning. Yes. Fabulous, fantastic.

Made my day. So I got zapped, but I did copy the post for the Barbet archives.

Vieux Barbet has roan. Barbet Moderne does not…

Thank you.