Vennie’s bad hair day…

This is Vennie, with about 10+ cms of coat…Not matted as you can see in the second picture, easy to brush out, but a nightmare to manage.Perhaps it’s cute and nice, but it is not a Barbet coat.  IF it is, show me…documented proof with lineage. AND it need to be cut. It is a groomer’s dream because you will pay a small fortune top keep up the coat as it grows and grows and gets totally out of hand. A dog should not look like  a matted mop even if it is a rare breed and even if it is not matted.

It is an insult to the breed.

Barbet_Vennie_hair Barbet_Vennie_hair2 Barbet_Vennie_hair4_sm

 Remember that in the Barbet, there is a dosage of other breeds ( there has to be since it is so rare) and that coats show, tails show and temperament does too. When doing the right mariages, you have a better opportunity of getting a good coat for what the breed represents. BUT not every dog is perfect and representative of the breed.

Look at the 3 in the front, all related and the one in the back is Vennie girl…but she will be mated next week with a Barbet with a coat like the ones across the bottom and selection will be applied. I have waited 4 years for this litter and I know what to look for…and coat is an easy challenge.

It goes without saying that I left Vennie’s coat get like this since that is the only way to make a point. Thank you Vennie girl…