Tooth and nail, man. Tooth and nail!

Iabada_incognito_BarbetPs…I’m incognito…

After a few of us  going under cover and standing up  to make sure Ulysse was allowed to reproduce as Griffon Barbet of the purest kind  in his home country, I am proud to say that he is well supported by all of his progeny and lots of really nice people paying a tribute to him, by posting photos of his descendants. Ulysse turns 12 next month at it’s high time to start celebrating his achievements!

Father to 43

Grand-father to nearly 150

Great grandfather to 80

and…great great grand-father to nearly 200

and 5th generation to 30.

I say not bad for a purebreed  threatened with extinction who was not allowed to reproduce because he was not curly enough. And yes, I had a lot to do with it since I got him confirmed here in France, where some ( not all)know what a Barbet is.

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