There is a type to the Vieux Barbet..

Corisande de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre.

When you see “key words” that advertise Vieux Barbet and show you pictures of puppies with very curly heads, high ears and a small head..that is misleading advertising. You work for ( or against, yes!) a breed and you have a type in mind. The Vieux Barbet has nothing to do with the many Poodle types you see nowadays here and there and everywhere. Be careful...the Vieux Barbet has a GRIFFON type with a GRIFFON HEAD as the one above..mustache falls straight on both sides of the nose, the head is NOT CURLY or FRIZZY. The body has open curls and a rough coat, not tight frizzy fine hair. AND..last but not least, JUST  because there is a Vieux Barbet in the pedigree means nothing. It is all a question of selection.