She grew and grew and now…time to have a litter!

I am proud and happy to announce that Outdoors Abergavennie aka Vennie,  who comes from the Netherlands  should be having a litter this year…she is extremely complementary to the Barbets I have raised here in the past of which there are many champions and working dogs.

Vennie is gentle, fun, playful, very attentive and loving. She loves water and is extremely obedient.

A hips, no PRA. 54 cms 19.5 kgs. Best Puppy Clubshow 2013.

Barbet_Vennie _profile2_2015Barbet_VswimBarbet_Vennie_head2_15_sm







Her mate will be

French Lover de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre who has already fathered a very typical “Vieux Barbet”  type litter, growing very nicely.eye

Brabet_Froggy_profileB hips 59 cms 27 kgs SCC selection grid 4/6.

Eyes: no PRA Son of Compay II who has reproduced himself several excellent typed Barbets and grandson of Coccolina who is mother, grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother of nearly 550 pups living around the world. All known for excellent character and temperament.

I am looking forward to their pups to continue the Barbet en Bresse line started in 2006.

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