Reservations for pups…just to know.

barbet_tailA bit of information to keep in mind:

A reservation does not mean an automatic attribution of a pup, down the line.

You are asked information so that your needs are met by the pup who will correspond to your life-style. Luckily, they are all similar in morphology and color as it stands right now. They will be matched with future owner at 7 weeks, not before because their character also has a role to play…This is a companion who will be with you for around 12ish years so it’s important to be sure the match is right !

A Barbet is not hypoallergenic. It does not shed, granted but one should never get one for that reason alone.

I also want to have a win-win relationship with the family that will last, so I need to be overly careful especially since I do not do this on a regular basis. Live and learn the hard way of broken promises and unwanted situations.