Plus 8 for Coccolina..great grandmother, again!

This is a daughter of Billy the Kid, who lives in Stockholm, so a brother to Guyguy ( Booly Wooly) and the father is Cousteau von der Leibrücke, son of Charly de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre.

That totals 572 Barbets that have Coccolina in their pedigree…what does she think? “Stay humble and keep counting, mama”, since there are more coming up, very soon…







Coccolina 50 cms who was refused confirmation in 2006, and we managed to get the paper…tooth and nail, man, tooth and nail. Photo of Coccolina taken this morning before temperatures soared!

Remember, I share all news with you, not just litters or wins, but how Barbets en Bresse live.