Meanwhile, back in Germany…
















..Ela Samba de la serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre passed her VAP with flying colors this weekend and is now able to be shown in working class at Swiss shows, where she lives.carmela_ela_Barbet

She is, if I may add very humbly, the first Barbet to be in that category: working class. Yehman.*

Meanwhile back at the French ranch, name Barbet is planned to be taken of club header..and it is still restricted in France to only do water work, splash, landwork!

When is that club de Scapins fourbes, like arracheur de dents going to do something to save the breed from extinction and honor it as other countries do/have?

The Barbet is doomed in France, more than ever. Merci qui? L’ arracheur de dents.   *Thank you AL for the photo!