Honor thy mother, grandmother and great grandmother!


Wilma in Sweden, Coccolina, Colleen and Koi at the bottom also from Sweden.

Today Coccolina gave birth to her “F” litter in 2010. She has raised 4 litters over the years and been a fabulous representative for the breed. So, no she never did the TAN, never needed any type of obedience training since she had kindness, love and gentleness built-in. She was never able to do any hunting training as she gave way to her progeny…but she obviously had it in her genes.

This led to some mockery from a professional breeder which is quite unfortunate for this poor breeder, not Coccolina who is the first female in France representative of the Barbet breed to have a 5/6 SCC selection grid.

She has made champions who have had nice careers. AND more to come.

She has contributed colors such as sable/fawn and made black and white an every day color…and also helped bring back white and black to the old breed.

She is also grand-mother to a pup who is in Finland and points too, however the breeder refused to share a photo of the dog. That’s how it goes, eh.

Honor thy fathers, too. I say and do.

Happy birthday F litter ! Most of you acknowledge where you came from, which is important.