Froguette: 3rd 8th group in Charolles


Yesterday, Froguette was entered in the show in Charolles, France. She was the only Barbet there, which is always a shame to be alone. There were also 5 Lagottos entered. It was a “Spéciale”. The nicest part came at the end where she was selected as 3rd Best of Group after a Golden Retriever and a Cocker. She had not been any shows since 2011…because she likes hunting trials more than shows, (or so I thought)! So, she likes both and she can do both!

It was a very rainy and windy day, a lot of dogs barking up the storms throughout  the day, but she didn’t mind, and remained calm and relaxed, as a Barbet does. It was also her birthday, so she had a nice gift!

Special thoughts to her brother and family on this “Spéciale” day.