First but not least…more on Game fair organisation of club.

For Game Fair I get an email to do this do that don’t park here wait for this and that and in the end I park a kilometer away from where I could have and have to walk all the way over to the club stand, because I saw no one…. Never mind. I will survive, the dogs too. It’s only 9am. I go up to secret-tary, Mrs Ollier to find out wher to go for the ring since judging starts at 9.30.

gamefair_Barbets2“Judging starts at 10, who told you it started at 9.30?” “you in your email, Madame”…So, I try to get out of there as quickly as possible since I am not at all welcome and the way some are looking at me, I get that feeling I am the devil in disguise…The same feeling many had at the symposium  in 2012 when there was a group of people, funny that they might also almost be the same ones, minus one…to look down on you and of course your sh– dogs, because theirs are winners ( before the show) and there is no room for you under OUR club tent, so go away.

Then you wonder why no one wants to go to shows…French Championship 2003..9 dogs, so………Organizing shows is one thing, making people want to pay to attend is another?