Dog shows galore!

Now that I do not feel the need to attend shows any more and even made it a resolution to stay clear of any dog gathering, for 2016, I must say I enjoy seeing the pictures of all of Coccolina’s descendants at shows. A real treat to look at from my armchair.


Colleen de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre and her daughter,Gaia promoting the Barbet in Sweden at a show. Both are champions several times over and in different countries!


Inox,son of Fanny de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre. A very nice type of Barbet who should become champion one of these days!
















Fanny de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, French Champion. A typical Barbet made en Bresse.


The nice loopy open curls of a Barbet.







On the right, a daughter of Fanny’s, Imac. Very close to standard with a lovely curly coat, nice morphology and the type I enjoy.

Pink photos, courtesy of By Denys.