DNA and research on Barbet epilepsy

CNRS_BarbetSince 2007, all my dogs have their DNA  profle and since 2008, they have all contributed to research at the French CNRS in Rennes for research on epilepsy in the breed. As a matter of fact, I was the one to have sent them all the corrected pedigrees .

It is very important for such an endangered breed to contribute wherever we can  in its home country. My only objective is the survival of the breed.

I would like to add that I have DNA profiles for 6 generations of Barbets of my line which I am very proud of. I think that is rather rare!

Tomorrow is a very big day since all pups now have names, owners and will be chipped and vaccinated. Very exciting! The selection  process was down to the wire, their characters and temperament being very homogenous we had to go into further details. Thank you Corinne and Urs…for your help!

Am posting another video under Vennie and the pups. I have lots of pictures, but no time to post..sorry!