D’Illona en Finlande

I believe that my relationship with Ilona is written in the stars. When I was looking for a dog I told I give dog the name of Ilona (means joy). For the first time when I heard about Ilona, was 9.10.Then is Ilona’s name day in Finland. I also will remember all my life the moment when Elaine put Ilona to my arms in the train station in Macon. Then Ilona lick for the first time tears of happiness to my face. Ilona is a unique girl who for some reason wants to fascinate me every day again. She has beautiful eyes and she looks a lot like her mother Coccolina. Ilona is a self-willed, sensitive, intelligent, social and sense of humor. In addition, she knows how to bark without sound! It is one of her tricks to get treats. Ilona has eight puppies, which has three girls and five boys. Ilona is very dear to me and we are close to each other
Illona a reçu un coup de pied d’un cheval et était entre la vie et la mort pendant plusieurs jours. Les amis se sont mobilisés pour la surveiller 24h sur 24 et s’en est remise. Elle a ensuite eu une très très belle portée de chiots avec un de mes Barbets préférés, Ursus di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco, un des plus purs Barbets sur terre à ce jour.