Compay and his daughters


In the video:

This is Compay, dad of  the froggies ( Froggy and Froguette). He lives in the Netherlands where he is working for the breed. I was about to have him castrated a couple of years ago since I had 3 males and my future breeding plan did not include him ( despite my love for him).

Several people have told me over the years that they got a Barbet after seeing him and I am proud he has been a model for the breed. However, I realized he could be happy in another home where he would be the KING TUT and since I trusted the person( I do not trust very many people in the Barbet), I let him go….He has made fabulous healthy puppies and has continued producing the colors so looked for in the breed.

I made the right choice and am still as proud of him as I ever was!