Coccolina’s F litter 2011..Happy birthday!

I enjoy stepping back and looking in…to assess…! I breed only for type and I am happy with how they developed, their looks and their character.

Litter of 10, of which 2 champions (Canada and France); 2 guide dogs for the blind and all lovely healthy loving companions. 3 of them produced 65 pups (one =>31 with the same male).

CH-Frankly Scarlet, who also appears in a book written about the Barbet, linked below:



Frankly Scarlet as a pup

…and full grown below!





Fanny Forigoler as a pup on the right and below in the official SCC review ( Société Centrale Canine) to portray a typical Barbet coat, as “long wooly and curly” according to the FCI/SCC standard 105.













Courtesy of Cynophilie Française/ 2nd trimester 2012.SCC.

This is mom, Coccolina, now 11 and dad almost 10 …both my honeys and nothing will separate them, or me from them for they are my beloved Barbets and my reason for being in the Barbet world ( with Thelma). Pictures taken in January 2016.

Coccolina_Barbet GuyGuy_Barbet



Thank you Ula and Chris Pepper for keeping me in the loop.