Bresse’s 8th wonder arrived safely.

Habibi von der Leibrücke, aka Helios…Jennifer’s new Barbet pup arrived safely yesterday from the Netherlands. It has been an extremely long wait to select “just” the right one!
He walked in the door…met everyone slowly and had no problems with anything or anyone.Barbet_Helios3
We had a wait a while for him to fizz out a little after spending 10 hours in the car!

Not even one pipi in the house at 8 weeks, I say bravo Walda and Henk!

They do like my couch covers!


Here’s looking at you….

Now, for the rest of them: Jennifer being Compay’s friend( more than the others since he has stayed with her several times), he seemed a bit jealous of his grandson. He was reassured after a while and was in love again.Barbet_Helios_Compay


Compay, his grandson and Coccolina looking at her great-grandson….That amazes me…
I think it always will to see 5 generations alive and doing so well.


You can’t see all of them, but there are 8…