Big fish in a small pond…

A rare breed is what it is called, rare. A breed threatened with extinction is a bit different of an “affair” and on that deal, it’s more difficult to make choices, so you HAVE to plan our your breeding. So, big fish…no. Thank you.

I think I have explained over and over again, that there is a heck of a difference between the 2. The Old Barbet, or Vieux Barbet is threatened with extinction because it’s very hard to fight against a new breed ( like the Doodle, or the Barbet Modern) where it’s quite easy to find new blood and an old one where selection is hard. So, no you can’t have litters without a major breeding plan and knowing what your next move is.It’s not “just” about making dogs!

Some decide as they go along which stud to use and for others, you have to plan it out far ahead.My breeding plan dates back  a long ways and I made my dogs to go with the dogs I will make from the new blood I brought in and watched grow. I stay close to a few breeders who have the same ideas and that’s the best I can do!

Since breeding is a “hobby” which came from my love for the breed( nothing to do with finances, but work), there has never been any kind of hurry to make dogs to put them out on the market. Selection is very careful for they must have the characteristics ( character/ability/ coat type/ of course health tested, but that goes without saying as it is obvious!) I want and that is beyond a standard, and concern the breed’s survival directly. You will see what I mean in a minute…learn about the breed before spreading information that is not real true, is important as important as the “rest”!

PS: Thanks..E.