A family affair


*”Type on any search engine and you will see Barbets en Bresse,” faithful to you since 2006 in the web and for many more years to come! Merry Christmas to all!

* I did not say that, ever, and I would never be so pretentious. This was said by someone else who me veut que du bien, as usual in France...when telling a certain group of people to get off their rear and work a bit for the breed Barbet. Back in 2011. So, we waited and waited and grew spiderwebs and nothing happened in 2012, or 2013 and even less ( if that is even possible) in 2014. Soooooooooo, for lack of any results, we’re back in the ring. Not the show ring, that’s for the glorioles, looking for praise and self praising their own achievements, but in the history ring. Much more interesting along with more BICP’s coming in 2015 where dogs have a great time doing what they do best.