3 sisters…

I am extremely proud of this post because it shows how  3 sisters( Rosi/Arkanne/Coccolina) can ressemble each other or how progeny ( Coccolina is the only one who had puppies) not “can” but “DO” look like dogs in their pedigree.

Barbet_rosi1 Barbet_sis Barbet_momdaddaughter bb1

Again here you see 3 generations from the top to the bottom great-aunt (Rosi) to Coccolina’s grandson,D-litter Tufi between mom and dad, the line they belong to all is well identified,head,coat type, coat color, overall morphology. Despite Guyguy being very Poodley he contributed positively to the line (also thanks to his mom Thelma).You will see how they fit so perfectly well into the Italian line and further to the Marécages du Prince and back to Mrs Pêtre.