Deetha Déjà Vue and Nancy Sinatra in Finland

I enjoy showing adult dogs of the Vieux Barbet type. Deetha is a daughter of Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco ( U- litter of pure bred Barbets) and Nancy Sinatra from my 2017 litter. A 5th generation litter which is very rare in the Barbet world… and will become rare-r. Sadly so.

I had a choice, as we always do.

Stay home and go the the Game Fair (haha, for the Mondiale of the Barbet where 8 dogs showed up and shined) or…

vegas home

…easy choice. The last time there was a big dog event for the Barbet, it was in 2012, the symposium (haha). People came from as far as Sweden and Poland expecting to learn/hear something. Thery were totally ignored and spent the day waiting for something to happen. It never did. Luckily; many of us were happy to see each other and we spent a nice time together…I had approximately 20 dogs from my line on site. Not all are in the picture since some satyed in other hotels. After being continually insulted by breed “authorities” it was quite obvious no one would show up at Game Fair 2016…no one of any importance for the breed, that is. Most thought it was a joke. A sad one……Barbet_symposium2012

Haley’s babies

haley-barbet2016a haley-barbet2016b haley-barbet2016c











This lovely litter represents a 5th generation for Ermengarda/Coccolina and it is wonderful to see how generations continue a line. Haley/Maj von der Lebrücke is in the Netherlands at Kennel von der Leibrücke. All are doing well !


Preserving the breed for its future…


Froggies_Barbets140216“Purposefully bred purebred dogs brought to you by AKC preservation breeders. We’re so proud of what they do for the next generation of the happy, healthy canine family.”
Let’s Pay it Forward for the Purebred Dog!!
Per Bill Shelton…who is he?? …