Barbet Moderne

Why I do not recommend anyone?

Well..if you do not have puppies, then..? Well it’s not that easy. You have an idea in mind, which is not my idea of a Barbet. What happens when it’s not YOUR idea of a Barbet.. You can end up with anything under the sun.

Prices have gone totally out of hand and if you want a real rare gem, you can have the one below for 4.500€. People will beat doors down to help save a breed from extinction, when they do not know the breed/pup they are willing to pay 3.000€ for was created in the 1990s.

…When American Kennel Club says what I have been saying for a long time?!

In the fabulous video you will recognize alot of Barbet MODERNE “types”. Why are they so similar? Because the Barbet Moderne was created in the late 1980’s, by crossing Poodles and adding a bit of this and that. Wonder no more.

Tiboubou de la Baie des Landes. They produced only Barbet Moderne. Very tall, thin dogs with a very difficult coat to manage.