Old line from Mrs Pêtre

Amnesia at the breed club. Long live the Barbet Moderne.

Today is another big day as there have been many over the years since the creation of a club for the Barbet et al.. there are yet again elections to vote for who will save the barbet Moderne from extinction...keeping in mind that the barbet Moderne (swiss kraüsli) was created in the 1980's by JEAN-claude HERMANS, to equal the work of Messieurs Korthals and Boulet..and destroy what was left of the VIEUX BARBET ( standard written in 1886 for a Barbet d'arrêt, not a converted standard poodletype.
  The Vieux Barbet will not survive another dictator because after 35 years of trying to keep its head above water, I think the situation is hopeless (has been) and the club is not the only one to blame.That's life.The history of the breed to date will be written and all those who fought to destroy each other and the breed will have their place in the long list of socutensonicehowIam...They are all in Lyon today, to vote..for another ignoramus.

Mrs Hélène Pêtre,Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco who always tried and believed something positive would happen for the breed.

Mr Rainier T. Georgii, who supported Mrs Pêtre and who also believed..The old Poppenspäler’s died with him.The new one has nothing to do with his work. Nothing.

Here’s looking at you.

Past and present again: the VIEUX BARBET!

In the previous post you saw Iorga from 1973..now, here is Trident at a field trial, in 1983. 10 years later..NatK and Trident are very similar in morphology and type.https://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&id=784696&g=4&p=bar&date=iso&o=ajgrep. Selection was on type not on pedigree…

More obvious is that the is no poodle in Trident. There is in NatK, but I selected away from the Poodle type. Otherwise, I would have a Barbet Moderne and I have not worked for the breed to have a 65cms/35k type of re-incarnated Poodle, de Buffon.

All in all, the past cannot just be erased, ignored and ridiculed..and some can do their best to thrash dogs and people but facts are facts.



Vieux Barbet, anyone? Back to 1973!

A Froggy x Iabada pup. Litter 2017. Below, Iorga, in 1973. The type is there, and yes, he is the spitting image iof his father, Froggy!

Fasila Chanter…and 7 years later: Nancy Sinatra. Vieux Barbets par excellence!

Fasila Chanter, aka TiliTili at age 7. A very very beautiful girl, and of very homogenous type with her sister, Fanny, below and her niece, right.

Nancy Sinatra de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre 2017. ( Deetha Déjà Vue is behind her).


Fanny Forigoler

Fasila Chanter.

Fasila and Fanny’s parents are Booly Wooly        ( GuyGuy) de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre and Ermengarda                       ( Coccolina).

Never seen before in Barbet world: 5 generations under one roof

5 generations under one roof!

A feat no one, not even a real  breeder, in the Barbet world has ever accomplished.

To this day: to show a line and its evolution  over 5 generations . I did it. A lot of sacrifices..But I am so happy. 13 years to 5 months. All homogeneous and healthy!

I have worked very very hard over the last 15 years to get to where I wanted to be.

                   A particular type of Barbet, the historical Griffon type, as in Rose, 1887.

As the Vieux Barbet should be, as portrayed below. These are all historical references. Le Barbet n’est pas un Caniche.

I did my my way…My proudest achievement!

…back to the beginning, my beginning and the real Barbet, a Vieux Barbet that does not look like a Poodle or a crossbreed fashion designer dog. I can sit down and admire this pedigree…and thank everyone who helped achieve this major feat in the Barbet world.

When there is a will, there is a way!

I am very proud and honored to introduce lovely Arlan Rún d’Aubépine. He is the son of Ulysse di Barbocheos Reiau de Prouvenco and Ela Samba de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre. He was born  on July 5th 2017.

Birthday Jubilee litter: 2007-2017 Bon anniversaire!


Ma portée “C” de Coccolina x Ungaro a été une des plus importantes du monde actuel du Barbet. Cette portée a permis à Coccolina d’accéder à la cotation SCC ( Société Centrale Canine) 5/6, qu’aucun Barbet a atteint depuis.

Les chiens issus de cette portée sont tous en bonne santé, bon pied -bon oeil  et cette portée a été très homogène comme on peut le constater (ainsi que la descendance).

Un chiot est devenu chien guide d’aveugle, 2 femelles ont été stérilisées et tous les autres ont une très longue descendance en France et à l’étranger. De multiples champions dans leurs pays respectifs sont à citer.

Coccolina serait, à ce jour dans le pedigree de plus de 1400 chiens à travers le monde et ses qualités sont nombreuses: des chiens agréables à vivre, bienveillants, calmes et avec très souvent une aptitude naturelle du rapport comme il se doit avec un vieille race de chien de chasse, qu’est le VIEUX BARBET.

Hélas, la variété que le club et la SCC se refusent à reconnaître, qui est celle d’origine et non celle du Barbet MODERNE, comme certains essaiyent, ré-incarné dans les années 1980 est gravement menacée d’extinction et à mon humble avis, vit ses dernières générations avant d’être transformée en prototype de Caniche.

C’est la vie…du monde canin d’aujourd’hui et je le déplore.Je ne suis pas la seule, et le Barbet n’a pas été la seule race abimée par ci- et ça..Même combat.

http://www.tibetan-lhasa-apso.com/Fr/FrMonPro.html Mme de Zarobe a écrit un livre très prenant et précis au sujet de la race qu’elle affectionne. Un jour…

Merci Eva O. pour cette carte extraordinaire!