Hunting/retrieving work

Pinch me, I am dreaming..

I have avoided getting into anything political for awhile because it is mostly useless and we know how it ends. Sometimes, it does start itching my hand… The Barbet has been recognized by the UK Kennel club, but we know that and no point getting into the door daught stopper bit again. I have better. The French SCC magazine has just published an article written by another great historian as we are so lucky to  have so many who spend their time researching the history of the breed. This is the nice lady who wrote it works at the SCC and she registers show titles of all dogs. She  accompanied the French delegation to Crufts ( most can’t speak English, she can) so as a reward she got to write the article..that is certainly enough experience to write an article on an “ancient French breed”.Isn’t it.The intro is somewhat surprising: The Barbet with a curly coat, … if there were another…

She talks about water dog/hair/colors/protection and  “chasse à la sauvagine” which is probably  not even done any more…A dynamic “worker”. WPreston who imported them in 2007(…). Then goes on to saying the definition of the word barbet dates back to 1860 ( which is not true, Selincourt talks about it and  Febus, de Fouilloux  do too, several hundred years earlier). It was NEVER a farm dog, but a selected GUNDOG. There is no proof it is the ancestor to the Poodle and contrary to what this Mrs Bayoh says, Napoléon did not have a Barbet but a Poodle called Moustache.She obviously did the internet history bit.






…and still in the “C” litter 2007

Caya in Le Havre

Cori and her grand_nephew, next to me in Lalheue

CompayII, his grandson, NatK and his daughter Froguette in the back. The toy is of course..a frog…

Hanging in there, my GuyGuy!

These last months have been very trying, with the weather, work, the dogs to take care of and keeping GuyGuy happy…and healthy to his best. I have had to step back and try to stay as zen as possible for him, and me..since  we do know they feel everything. He is doing as well as can be expected. The verdict is chronic hepatitis and he most likely will not die of it, but hopelly of “just” old age.For many months, I was hoping he would reach his mother’s age of 11.5, then I was hoping he would make it to the new year and now we’re in February and I am thinking that perhaps he could make it to his birthday in April.I have had to shut off some oytside perturbating factors  to be able to fully concentrate on far so good.  Here’s a little video…GuyGuy_Rules

He is his usual happy self

Waiting for his walk.

A lot of snow that did not last!