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You cannot compete with stupid.

When “show Greeders” decide to take over a breed..this is what you end up with. Who do we have to thank? The USA/Canada/The Netherlands…among others who have not a clue. Neither does France, but that’s another story.

Voilà the result of what ego does to dogs. Thank you Stacy, Anne, Judy, are so cute. swiss as they are having a problem with their style.


Not easy to watch the destruction of a breed.

A rose is a rose is a rose,* but as far as the Barbet is concerned, it certainy is not. It is very hard to watch the slow destruction of a breed by those who took the easy way out,….when they did know better, eh? Thank you, all of you and you know where I am coming from.

All these people ought to be kicked in the teeth, at least. Yes, you too.

*Gertrude Stein

Copié sur complètement vrai.

Les chroniques d’une éleveuse bancale
Quand l’éleveur vous parle, écoutez vraiment ce qu’il a à vous dire 🤷🏻‍♀️😘
Je vais commencer par dire ceci: oui certains éleveurs ne sont pas de bon conseil, oui certains n’y connaissent pas plus que vous concernant l’animal qu’ils s’apprêtent à vous vendre. MAIS il y en a quand même un certains nombre qui connaissent au moins la race qu’ils élèvent sans pour autant être des ethologues aguerris.
Ceci étant dit, je remarque au fur et à mesure des années que l’on a beau répéter les choses milles fois, prévenir autant de fois nous nous retrouvons encore face à des situations qui ne devraient même pas arriver avec la prévention/ l’information qu’on fait.
L’éleveur qui vous dit que la race qu’il élève n’est pas faite pour vivre entouré de volaille ou autres petits animaux (même avec une familiarisation, affirmer qu’un chien de chasse n’aura jamais de prédation s’il a connu des petits animaux chiot est faux, c’est un fantasme. Certains individus bien évidement seront l’exception) n’est pas là pour vous ennuyer.
L’éleveur qui vous dit que la race qu’il élève n’a pas de gène spécifique « aime tout le monde enfant compris » fait de la prévention pour éviter un appel à 23h « je comprend pas il a mordu le petit qui était à cheval sur lui en se tenant à ses oreilles».*
L’éleveur qui vous dit que la race qu’il élève supporte très mal la contrainte, c’est aussi pour vous avertir et non pour supposer qu’il élève des monstres sanguinaires.
L’éleveur qui vous dit que la race qu’il élève ne peut pas vivre dans votre 70m2 en pleine ville parce que ces chiens sont fait pour vivre dans de grand espace, c’est pas parce qu’il aime pas votre tête.
Combien sont les gens qui nous disent « oui oui » et rappellent 6 mois après parce qu’ils n’ont pas réellement pris en compte ces informations?
Bref tout cela pour dire que l’éleveur en a souvent ras le pompon de devoir gérer des choses qui peuvent être évitées si on l’avait écouté. Vouloir à tout prix un chien, une race spécifique à n’importe quel prix c’est aussi prendre le risque de « jouer » avec la vie d’un être vivant sensible. 🙂
*.. ni qu’il y aura beaucoup d’entretien du poil, sauf à le raser comme un Caniche…parce qu’un Barbet Moderne EST ..un gros Caniche.
Mais bon..chacun se débrouille. Il a son Barbet acheté chez un marchand. Trop beau, non?

…When American Kennel Club says what I have been saying for a long time?!

In the fabulous video you will recognize alot of Barbet MODERNE “types”. Why are they so similar? Because the Barbet Moderne was created in the late 1980’s, by crossing Poodles and adding a bit of this and that. Wonder no more.

Tiboubou de la Baie des Landes. They produced only Barbet Moderne. Very tall, thin dogs with a very difficult coat to manage.

Silent breed killers? Breeders…

A SILENT BREED KILLER written by cynolog and judge Mr. Hans Hilverda. An important food for thoughts for you all!


Did you ever notice how easily judges, exhibitors and breeders get used to changes within a breed? In many cases it even goes so far that these changes are gradually lifted to the level of required characteristics. It is mostly dogs of well-known breeders / exhibitors that start a certain change (read: set a trend) within a breed.

There is for instance the somewhat bigger Miniature Schnauzer with the terrier “look “; the some what leveller, elegant looking Shih Tzu with its long neck; the Weimaraner who becomes bigger and bigger and more impressive; the “American” English Springer Spaniel, to name a few breeds.

As soon as a dog with of a slightly “deviating” –type starts winning, the ball start rolling. The dog goes to the ring of honour, the one judge bends over to his neighbour and says; “have you seen that beautiful dog?” Breeders and exhibitors notice that judges like that particular dog and start trying to breed or to buy that type of dog. At such a moment the original Breed Standard does not seem to be of importance to some exhibitors, winning in the show ring is all that matters to them.

When after some time you are sitting at the show ring looking at that breed again, it could happen that you see in a class e.g. 5 dogs of which 4 are “deviating” (deviations) from the standard next to a correct “standard” type of dog. At most shows the (correct) (complying to the) “standard” dog will be considered to be the “odd one” and the true “deviating ones” will be placed behind the boards 1 through 4. For those breeders that adhere to the Standard this is a very frustrating experience.

The temptation is of course very big. Many of the deviating dogs are often very flashy looking ones, and often show a gait, exterior and motion that looks more spectacular than the movement of the “standard” dog. One has to be very strong and come from a good breed conscience background to resist the temptations and keep on preaching the true belief and keep breeding in compliance with the standard.

Often the appearance of difference in type in a breed leads to polarization between judges and breeders alike. One of the hallmarks of this polarization is that certain characteristics of the dogs are even more exaggerated to make it stand out and be recognizable.

So one can observe that and conclude that the non-adherence to the standard of many breeders / exhibitors and judges poses a direct danger to the existence of our breed population.

Except for getting used to trends within a breed, the getting used and the acceptance of inherited faults is a problem of the same kind or even worse.

When judges repeatedly reward dogs with these faults with an “excellent” and also give them their championship tickets, breeders will not be challenged to improve the breed: they are already winning! In such cases only the die-hards and true idealists remain faithful to the breed and try to improve on it, but how many of those people do we have within one breed?

Accepting without any objection of changes that please the eye but are against the standard is an open invitation to the “silent breed killer” to do his job and carry out his devastating work within the breed.

Seen from the perspective that breeding is nothing more then passing on genetic material to the next generation, allowing this to happen means that one willfully accepts and helps spreading of genetically deviating material in an irresponsible way that will pollute the gene pool (hereditary material).

Would it not be good if breeders and judges would, at least once a month take the standard at hand of the breeds they are entrusted, and what would it be valuable to organize regular meetings with breeders and judges to discuss certain trends and “faults” that creep up in a breed. Never forget that the only guideline during judging and breeding should be the FCI-approved breed standard.

So, behave and act as true disciples and spread the gospel according to the original breed standard.
Author: Mr. Hans Hilverda

There are around 100 Vieux Barbets left in the world…so whatever you are breeding has nothing to do with the true standard. Get real…If your dog does not look like a Griffon, a Wooly Griffon.. it is of no use in “saving the old breed”..

The mind boggles…

When the Barbet is described as follows..”The barbet is more used to hurtling around French estates snatching up waterfowl. However, dog owners hope that it has the poise and grace to compete at Crufts.”

I do come a bit unglued. You see so many idioties on internet as you all know, but this one takes the cake. How can anyone in their right mind say anything as contradictory about the poor breed.

Hurtling has NEVER been used to describe the breed.. another one surely but not the Barbet.

Poised? Of course when referring to the type in the picture, a veritable Barbet Moderne or Poodle descendant with a proper Poodle topknot ( have you read the standard?)

Grace? When has the Barbet become a “graceful” dog when it is a rustic dog?

Poor breed… for which breeding instructions are ” vous faites comme vous voulez..”. I think most did not wait for that word of wisdome to do whatever suited their fancy to produce more and make more$$$.

That sums up the breed in all its 21st century splendor.


This really makes me angry. Let’s say some of us know the sitution of the Barbet ( Old and Moderne)..and some breeders sell anything to anyone who asks( remember you are saving a breed..!hum…), never mind anything, like background or history. Some people are very misled into thinking they have a gem.. THE best dog in the world…’s the time to look into this very sad issue. The dogs will be up for adoption at some point.

They won’t be charging the astronomic prices some change for a cross-breed..and these dogs deserve their socutesonice owner, too. Not everyone has a Barbet for shows/ ego trps or financial reasons ( making puppies and selling them socutesonice). Some just want a nice dog from a real good breeder. That is quite obviously becoming too, more difficult since we have more puppy farms and overbreeding..

pfffffffffffffffft. And some wonder why I get so angry?

May day…May day..;May day…

 There is an absurd petition going around solliciting useful idiots who know nothing about the real/true story of what happended putting the cart before the cows, to sign a petition to send the SCC, about the “facts” that someone somewhere lied and signed a “déclaration sur l’honneur” about a stud used for a mating, who may not have been the correct one..SCC saw the fraud when someone asked them, strangely enough 8 years later, for the DNA of her super they are supporting the lie so that their dogs do not lose their 4 generation pedigree..well there have been dogs before in that situation so it is rather unbelievable to react to support a lie! Hence the breeder who committed the fraud broke the law, comes out smelling like a rose.

Sooooooooooo..the litter(s) have lost part of their pedigree which now makes many dogs ATI ( A Titre Initial)..pedigree-faro_Lanka

A lot of information is given here:

Je n’aime pas trop ce réseau social, mais c’est un mal nécessaire ( a necessary evil) pour voir ce qui se passe dans le Barbetworld.Cette personne n’est pas loin de la vérité, pour une fois.

What many do not understand is why Faro’s owner waited 8 years to ask for DNA, “filiation”to Veltliner?By now, it does not mean   descendants must stop attending shows, which is their main concern…so, nothing to worry about lies in a Republic. They only lose part of their pedigree; the other half concerns mom Fanny Forigoler ( really) de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre who has DNA and is clear of any concerns.

The whole situation refects very well, what goes on in the Barbetworld. People fighting for fame, and..fortune ,selling a dog that they claim is “threatened with extinction” which it is not and is solely a cross of diverses Poodle types ( which have PWD in their background). The others you know.