Pups are not “ready to wear”.

I am not promoting white..

They do not land on your lap educated. You need to be mentally ready to welcome them..There are more and more dog trainers fed up with what people expect of their “new” pups/toys. A Barbet is a dog, not a toy. You get out of “it” what you put in. Yes, my dogs are calm and sweet, but they are educated..I spend time with them. Their mom educates the pups…You see pictures. If I have 6 generations, it means I also worked hard to get there.

Speaking for ME only, I bust my rear to give pups/all my dogs a nice start. Then, it’s up to the new owner to devote time to the new pup. Because so many people compare dogs to children and nowadays more and more children lack education, you can well imagine…It’s a question of respect or lack of. Read as much as you can and think.


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