Little Barbet princess on her couch-es..

With Compay on the couch

Dog armchair outside

I know, I am a princess. I was not born in a barn…!

A very interesting observation in France is that the majority of Barbet Moderne pups born this year will have been born and raised in a barn ( there are NO Vieux Barbet breeders).

Whn you think that in most countries,  there is such a “mise en scene” to promote one’s breeding and promote a breed that they want you to believe they are saving from extinction.  That’s absolutely a myth that was promoted by a Swiss breeder and her minions, which at some point will come to a head when the breed club representative is promoting dogs born in a barn with a bale of hay a week, same studs user and over and over, females being used and re-used.. . Consequences of total disrespect of any ethics.