Je suis Charlie?

Freedom of speech?

What went on with Ulysse and swish club, is now the same situation but with his brother, Ursus. Information was taken from one of my ( numerous…since I have been around to share what I know with all of you!! for 10 years now!) old sites to be used against him. Again, same situation, one cm under minimum standard size..when you think about super champions out of standard size? Off the top of your head…

So, I am sent a copy of a letter with a picture taken from my site ( but wait! I thought I did not exist and had to be ignored by everyone…, please explain?!). Interesting to know that every move I make is downloaded immediately by our friends who only want to best for us and of course for their huntingportuguesepoodle. The photo below was used against a Female of mine to forbid her to be mated with one of the last pure Barbets in the world.

I don’t need to get along with everyone since I am not trying to win a popularity contest…I am here to inform you about how the breed is treated by our “friends”.