It was the real thing…with real gundogs…




Water and land work. You can only see the water work because for the land work you leave and cover ground so no one really sees you. You only hear the gunshots and for Froguette’s second time she did not waste any time tracking pointing and retrieving.

We were with real gundogs (as you can see) and those who were sort of smiling at us at the beginning, thinking “what is that dog” and “how can it work with THAT kind of coat”( imagine!)…sort of stuff were nodding their head afterwards and congratuating her for her natural instinct. It was quite obvious that I did not know what I was doing, but she did and that is what counts. They knew it, she knew it and I knew it… so, since I am used to not fearing being ridiculed thank you those who helped me achieve that level…I just bit the bullitt, let them smile and got on with it.

Results were as hoped for. Must say my head was like a pumpking on the way home..and with Caroline, who took all the great photos we had a great laugh at the looks on people’s faces  seeing a Barbet d’Arrêt work. Yehman.