I must have missed it…

Barbet_bicp2009 Ahhhh bon??? They are/ were? putting into place a procedure for the Barbet to be able to enter BICP, ah booooing!? in 2009AFTER AN ANALYSIS OF THEIR WAY OF WORKING,* said judges will define whether the Barbet can enroll in 8th group BICP ( no mention of retriever work, but flushing) or 7th group work => chien d’arrêt.**

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I.: Group 8 Retrievers, Flushing
Dogs, Water Dogs.
Section 3 Water DogsBarbet_smile
With working trial.
I do wonder how they came to the conclusion? and when? Could I have missed it?? MOI? Of course, I understand ( now) why they refuse to answer my question (s). Geeez.

* this information was in the letter Mr Ohl( for those who remember him) wrote to SCC after communicating with me, Mme Fichter…..( proof upon request).

** So this is what I describe as having done     all by myself       ( sounds like a song) in a post below. Then I got insulted at Game Fair and accused of lying…( not down, but telling lies in an article..about hunting with a Barbet…). Then you wonder why the Barbet is going nowhere fast in its home country??? Let’s do more shows, that ought to make a difference, so few people go to shows, less and less visitors over the years!