I beg your pardon.


Found this on our global social nertwork. It appears to be a Barbet. It could also be a non-corded puli, which does exist, I know now. However…It’s extremely hard to find people of trust for the pups which is why we try to ask as many questions as possible about the people who will have a pup, their lifestyle, their objectives with the pup and here in France, I do ask for people to come here so I can meet them.

They can meet MY dogs, touch them, see how they act and interact. They can also see ME…I am not a “real” breeder. I don’t like the idea…I have a job..;what I do for the Barbet is to help ( or so I hope) and not to gain fame or fortune because with the time I spend with the pups, it does not turn out to be a big profit.It gives me the opportunity to improve their life, do some hunting tests, a very few shows.

AND of course, I try to keep one…to continue the line. That is not always possible and less now because I have 6 and people wonder how I manage. Well, I just do it for the love of them.

Needless to say, when I see this and when I see and hear about what some have done ..;and it can happen to anyone, I just want to scream. A Barbet is a rare breed near extinction, so before you decide you want one…do your homework. I do!