Heat wave..

When the girsl are in heat, it’s always a bit complicated to keep doors closed and rotate everyone so they get real dog time and are not locked up somewhere. Generally, when it’s “that time” Guyguy stops eating and I have to hand feed him, preferably in front of Froggy so he can show-off…nananèreu!Barbet_feed




This morning, we’re closer to the end of the events and Guyguy was still looking to seduce Iabada and strangest thing happened, Vennie got in the middle to protect her friend. I did not have my camera handy, so I tried to set up the situation again and it worked…so I took the picture of Vennnie standing between them.

It’s amazing how their interaction takes place, when you really take time to observe them.Froguette is on the left. I told him he had to wait a bit before making babies..