Game Fair 2015, la suite!

I was contacted by a very nice person yesterday who said he saw me in the Seasons video below. A grand moment..I have become a star…( haha). Nice place, very hot and walking around with 4 dogs, even well behaved was not easy. It was extremely crowded and dusty, and they were as usual, real troopers, the dogs, I am talking about.

If you go to 27.22 you will see me very briefly next to some nice/normal people who did (accept to) talk to me while I was there. The others had been told to turn their nose up and snarl.They did well at it, but it was not their first go. Many of us remember 2012 and how they would look down at us and our dogs. We were not able to hear the snarl because they were on the other side of the ring then badmouthing all of us and easily readable by their body language and how they judge us…as usual. When you don’t shut up you are a bad person…

Well this time again, no welcome, thankyoufordrivingsofartocomeandparticipateinaclub eventwherewejustcannotfigureoutwhynoonewantstoparticipateanymore?Isitecause wedonottalkabouthowgreatyouare?

Gagme.Howaboutyoushowingyouareworthuscomingtosupportyourst—clubanddo somethingforthedogsotherthanhandlingthemandthenwewillgiveitathought?

Around a 200€ outing( hotel/gas/toll/food).Only because Barbets were invited, so savings of about 250€ for  the 7 dogs signed up.

Anyway the video is very nice and it definitely gives you a feel for how the Game Fair was. A nice event. We had to go, only because of the very nice article that published about the Barbet in June, and I wanted to walk around a bit to show my dogs and what a working dog looks like. We were of course not invited to the dog parade the club dogs participated in.That was only for nice membersorandbeniouiouis.