Faites vos jeux…les jeux sont faits!* Barbet: joker!

  • gamblePlace your bets, no more bets…French breed club, totally in refusal of any communication with anyone having to do with the breed, is having biiiiiiiiiiig élections this weekend. Result is obvious. Plansd have been of long date and nothing left to hazard by the new pension fund which will be set up as pension funds go, results are never positive.
    • Barbet…rest in peace because your time has come.froggy chapeau So, after 30 years of French breeders fighting for this and that and others adding their klass than 2 cents’; breed is finished in France. At least , I got the Barbet out of France in 2006 and no one else can claim that, not the Isabelles or the Caroles, the brigittes….or other whoer tongues.
    • Good night and Farewell to the Babet in France.