BICP anyone?

The Barbet de chasse promoted as such by a breed club in France is not accepted in any official working trials in France but the BCE and I don’t remember the last one ever organized for all breeds, 2007?( for the Barbet 201??). It was for memebers of the club. In other countries it can do all sorts of things a hunting dog does. In France, it only needs curls.Hunting instint? naaaaaaah.



However, you can go play like I have, with your Barbet…I do, just for the fun.

Driving 1200 kms over a weekend to see your dog work  is much more gratifying than going to a dog show and  having the judge telling you the breed depends on its poodle curls to survive and if your dog ain’t a poodle, it ain’t a Barbet. Eh oui, ma brave dame.

Here is the calendar. It just came out…a few days ago.