Un- real..but typical for the Barbet in France.


I saw this this morning, and must say I am flabbergasted.

The MAIN reason the Barbet is dead in France is because of initiatives like this one supported by dangerous people..who have not got a clue as to what a Barbet is, for lack of any type of in-depth research on its origines and who base their pseudo knowledge on myths…and third hand heresay.

You don’t need to believe me..look around.

I thought France was the country of “freedeom of speech”…Charlie et al…long forgotten.

I have most of the breed archives in my possession ( many documents have been stolen off internet) and I have letters that show how the breed has been “managed” for 35 years. Club has done nothing, ever, for the breed and organizing shows is not working FOR a breed…

Very sad. This same action was done to me in 2012 by a couple from xxx supported by another couple of local breeders who did their best to attack and slander me, so I can say I have been there.

Now I don’t have to be friends with the person being attacked now, I think it’s a question of respect and tolerance and looking in the same direction for the survival of a breed just about dead in France, sadly so.

May it thrive abroad as it is. The Barbet is a great dog..

Vive le vrai Barbet.